4 Key Developer Trends That shape Media Coverage in 2018

TechNews PR Guide for Developer Technologies

It’s been nearly 7 years since Marc Andreessen’s famous observation that, "software is eating the world". A recent keynote at IDC’s Directions event in Santa Clara– “Developers in the Driver's Seat”– cited 11 million worldwide developers as the key to success in just about every exciting new technology wave to come.

There are tens of thousands of companies vying for their piece of the developer pie. PR pros in the world of developer technologies are tasked with elevating their brands above the noise, where concepts like “developer productivity” and “digital transformation” are overused to the point of meaninglessness.

In this clamor for attention, the PR pros with the deepest insights and targeted messaging will win the news cycle. Companies that carpet-bomb poorly built media lists with marketing drivel always lose, but especially in this sophisticated developer news domain.

This TechNews PR Guide looks at media coverage trends for developer technologies and makes 4 key predictions for 2018. These predictions will help you get out ahead of some important trends that are sure to drive the developer media agenda throughout 2018.

Spoiler: If you’re publicizing companies in the Cloud, Kubernetes, VR/AR, and Java spaces, this report is for you!

PR Predictions for Developer Tools in 2018

Kubernetes Media Coverage Will Transcend the Containers Conversation

At face value, you might think that media interest in Kubernetes would have a ceiling that equals the roughly 1,000 authors that follow Docker containers. After all, Docker is the most popular container format, and Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform.

Kubernetes%20media%20trends technews

However, it’s likely that Kubernetes has a PR ceiling closer to the nearly 3,000 authors that routinely cover AWS. That’s because Kubernetes is finding significant traction outside of Docker on platforms like AWS and Azure. In fact, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation says that 63% of all Kubernetes workloads run on AWS.

Enterprise vendors have been rushing to replatform their offerings and jump on the Kubernetes bandwagon (Including Docker after a year-long holdout). The “how Google runs its infrastructure” allure is a runaway freight train. Kubernetes is just getting started.

Kubernetes%20vs%20Docker%20and%20AWS %20technews It might seem like Kubernetes has a PR ceiling around the same as Docker. In fact, we think it’s ceiling is closer to the 3,000 journalists who cover AWS. Create charts like this in TechNews

Java EE is a Sleeping Lion That’s About to Wake Up

Let’s be honest– Java may still be the most popular enterprise programming language, but author interest in Java infrastructure has been on a steady decline for years.

Java%20Media%20Trends %20TechNews

Java media attention plummeted while Oracle/JCP had ownership of the Java EE platform. Meanwhile, Docker and Kubernetes claimed the higher ground in distributed computing and cloud-native workloads.

Java%20vs%20Kubernetes%20and%20Docker %20TechNews Kubernetes and Docker have dominated the conversation around distributed computing and cloud-native workloads. Create charts like this in TechNews

Despite its massive installed base of legacy enterprise systems (and the 12 million Java developers globally), the Java application “stack” (including the JVM) has somehow fallen out of the conversation. This is also despite the strong connection points between Java EE and containers.

But that is about to change with the transfer of Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation. We predict Java will get its mojo back this year and become the hot tech topic it once was. 2018 will bring a renewed surge of vendor support, and along with it plenty of PR opportunities for the companies that align with the resurgence. There is a lot of money up for grabs for the companies that sell developer tooling around legacy modernization, cloud-native enablement and all things -Ops (DevOps, DevSecOps, you name it).


Breakout Business Use Cases for VR, AR, and AI

Consider the buzzword bingo in developer use cases today. VR, AR, AI, ML, Deep Learning, IoT. It’s hard to determine “what’s next” in terms of a form factor shift that would rival, say, the commercial web or mobile.


But VR, AR, and AI stand the best chance to take the commercial form factor lead in 2018, for a few reasons. Unity Technologies– who is behind the gaming world’s most used 2D and 3D platform– recently partnered with IBM to develop the Watson Unity SDK. Not only can gaming developers add a powerful AI engine to their games, but enterprise software will see a surge in AR and VR applications.

We expect to see awesome new business use cases that offer immersive, intelligent environments for enterprise users. Could this mean a major replatforming in web development? We’re not sure, but when every business has a website, and immersive environments become easier to develop, is it really that big of a jump?

The commercial web followed a similar adoption curve. In the beginning– when everyone was building their site and talking about “community” ad nauseum– it seemed to be all hype. But then, lo and behold, it hit critical mass and we started to see the really interesting commercial applications take flight.

2018 will be a big year for AR, VR, and AI startups, especially for those companies working on business solutions. Ears in the media are piqued to learn about the next transformation in enterprise software, and advanced use cases built on these enabling technologies will carry that water.

Cloud Brands Will Form More Distinctive Developer Value Propositions

I heard one developer correct another on a recent call, when the former called AWS the 800lb gorilla. The other said no, they’re more like a tectonic plate.

In terms of media coverage, Azure is punching way above its weight class compared to their actual market share (Azure has 10% of market compared to AWS’s 47%, according to this report). This is another big victory for a Microsoft PR team that has shed the “evil monopoly” baggage of the 90’s and early 00’s, and is even widely seen as super cool and relevant in Open Source.


Azure attracts 33% of media coverage among the 5 big public clouds, compared to 36% of coverage for AWS. In comparison, AWS owns 47% of the actual market share compared to 10% by Azure. Create charts like this in TechNews

Despite intense competition among public clouds, it’s strange how homogenous the value propositions are. I talk to developers frequently and ask them why they use the cloud that they use. I rarely get clear answers. Looking back, I can’t even say what compelled us to use AWS to host our service, other than it was the safest bet.

This dynamic may finally change in 2018, as the world’s largest search engine seems set to pounce. InfoWorld’s Matt Asay makes the case that, “Google’s biggest strength is helping enterprises ‘run like Google’– something that even old-school companies have discovered they can do now.”

We all remember the “Be Like Mike” Gatorade commercials. We drank a lot of that Gatorade and were never able to touch the rim. With Kubernetes’ ascension and the huge interest in Tensorflow, Google could be ready to bust out of the “also-ran” category in the public cloud race, winning developer hearts and minds with the “Be like Google” promise.

What does this mean for Azure and AWS? It will force the leading cloud platforms to keep differentiating their developer stories in new ways. Whether they do that through acquisitions, partnerships, or native development is yet to be seen, but the entire public cloud ecosystem should see a surge of interest and media coverage because of it.

For developer technologies that delivers true differentiation, these public cloud providers will be massive channels for adoption. The PR pros who establish partner marketing and PR relationships with the industry gorillas will stand to win this hard-fought battle for attention.

Creating your PR Strategy for 2018

Media coverage has increased significantly for the topics we covered in this article (apart from Java). Just look at the big public clouds, that combined had almost 50,000 articles written about them in 2017.

With so much interest in the evolution of developer tools, there are plenty of opportunities for smaller companies to add their story to the conversation. To do so, PR pros must send highly targeted messages to the right authors and media outlets.

The traditional approach to media outreach is to spend hours creating a list of authors and outlets writing about your technology (trust me, I’ve been there!). That’s why we created the TechNews PR platform.

With the TechNews PR platform, you can search for media connections based on tech topic, like Kubernetes, public cloud, or cryptocurrency. Build your lists right in the tool and export contact information in bulk. You can also create charts for your industry just like the ones you see in this article. Track media trends, competitors, and authors with simple and beautiful visuals.

If you’re ready for a new way to build your PR campaigns, sign up for a free trial to try the TechNews platform.

And if you want to receive more reports like this in the future, sign up for our media insights newsletter.

TechNews%20Free%20Trial%20CTA 1%20%281%29

Cryptocurrency%20News %20Top%20Trends%2C%20Outlets%2C%20and%20Journalists%20Q1%202018%20Tech%20News

Cryptocurrency News: Top Trends, Outlets, and Journalists- Q1 2018

The last quarter of 2017 saw a surge of cryptocurrency activity in the media and in the markets. Bitcoin had its incredible run starting in October, Ethereum experienced 10,000% year-over-year growth, and established entities from JP Morgan to the Australian government embraced blockchain as a truly disruptive technology. Even during unstable markets and high profile hacks, cryptocurrency media coverage continues to rise as questions about security and regulation hit the mainstream consciousness.

This is all great news for fast-growing cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. These technologies and their value are much better understood than they were one year ago. The “newsworthiness” of the topic is no longer up for debate, giving companies a better chance to share their story and earn valuable media coverage.

Of course, this is a double-edged sword. While crypto and blockchain startups have to spend less time arguing the merits of the technology itself, they are now tasked with communicating what makes their company different from all the others. This is an equally difficult task, but the payoff could be tremendous.

How to Succeed in Cryptocurrency PR in 2018

This brings us to the purpose of this report: How does a company in this space get attention in the media? Assuming your company is doing something unique (which is not a guarantee by any means), earning media attention comes down to two factors: trends and opportunities.

Identifying media trends and hopping on at the right time is critical for earning PR. Is a trend on the rise or on the decline? Will it have lasting newsworthiness, or will it fizzle out in a few months? In order to craft a newsworthy story, you must understand and accurately predict the trends in your niche.

You also need to uncover the right media opportunities. Which outlets and journalists will be interested in telling your story? As you already know, developing a comprehensive list of authors and outlets is a tedious and difficult undertaking; it takes domain knowledge and diligence to identify the right relationships to target for your media outreach.

Luckily, we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you by compiling the top cryptocurrency media trends, authors, and outlets for the first quarter of 2018.

About This Report

This report will take a quantitative look at cryptocurrency media coverage and make predictions about its future. First we identified trending topics in the space by looking at the number of articles written in the past 3 months. Based on these trends and our industry experience, we then tried to predict where media coverage will go in 2018. Finally, we developed short lists of the most prolific cryptocurrency writers and media outlets from last quarter.

This entire report was developed using the TechNews PR Platform features just a sliver of the information available. We track thousands of authors and millions of articles to give you deep insights into the state of media coverage in your tech niche. We track over 3,000 authors in the cryptocurrency space alone. Sign up for a free trial to see for yourself.

This report will kickstart your goal of earning more media coverage in 2018. Without further ado, let’s jump into the top cryptocurrency trends, writers, and outlets for Q1.

Cryptocurrency News Trends

Blockchain Becomes a Standalone News Topic

The trajectory of cryptocurrency media coverage over the last 5 years a couple of interesting stories:

Cryptocurrency trends bitcoin blockchain trends

First, news coverage about cryptocurrency has almost always mentioned Bitcoin as well, and vice versa. (But as well see in the next section, Bitcoin’s media share is being eroded by altcoins like Ethereum and Ripple.)

The second story is that blockchain as a media topic finally hit the mainstream after being dragged along by bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2013. This is due in large part to Bitcoin’s rise in popularity, but blockchain is also becoming a standalone topic for media coverage.

Along with a plethora of explainer articles on the topic, there are a few storylines driving the growth of media coverage for blockchain. The most common non-crypto related storyline from 2017 was the intersection blockchain and another industry or institution:

The “Blockchain meets X” storyline will rise in popularity 2018 as both startups and legacy enterprises experiment with blockchain. This is great news for businesses in this space. It means the newsworthiness of blockchain is separating itself from the volatile cryptocurrency world. Even if cryptocurrencies tank and fade away, blockchain is likely here to stay.

Bitcoin Hysteria: Media Bubble?


At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is in the middle of its worst loss of value since 2015. There has been hysteria around Bitcoin ever since its stock started to climb back in October. Despite the current fallout, Bitcoin coverage continues to climb as investors and crypto-skeptics alike await to see when the bleeding will stop. Bitcoin’s media attention is not sustainable, however, and will level off as the cryptocurrency’s value normalizes.

This makes the “Blockchain meets X” storyline even more important for blockchain companies. While blockchain has Bitcoin to thank for pulling it into the mainstream, blockchain has become a relevant story on its own.

Rising Topics in Cryptocurrency: Altcoins

Altcoins (short for ‘alternative’ coins) have seen a surge of popularity. In 2017, altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple rode the coattails of Bitcoin and joined the conversation around cryptocurrency. We’ll continue to see speculation and bold predictions as analysts and investors try to predict “the next Bitcoin”.

Ethereum had a huge 2017, with its value growing 10,000% to over $1000 per coin (although as of this writing, Ethereum sits at $743.74). Accordingly, Ethereum is the most popular altcoin in the beginning of 2018.

Ripple has seen the largest growth in media popularity so far this year, fueled by stories about skepticism (“Is Ripple a “pure” cryptocurrency?”) and a partnership with money transfer firm MoneyGram.

Predictions for Cryptocurrency News Coverage

So what do these Cryptocurrency news trends mean for 2018? We compiled a few predictions based on what we’ve see so far.

The Rise of Altcoins

In 2018, we will see the flood of Altcoins hit the cryptocurrency market in an attempt to displace Bitcoin at the top. New coins are being developed by everyone from legacy enterprises (Kodak), to world governments (Russia’s “crytorouble”), to peer-to-peer networks (Dogecoin). Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple are currently leading the way in terms of media coverage, but the race has just begun. Most of the media landscape covering cryptocurrency have yet to peel the onion back much further than looking at Bitcoin specifically, but it seems inevitable that this will change in 2018.

Federal Regulation

It was a common meme throughout 2017 to surface noted celebrities’ opinion on the investment viability of Bitcoin (e.g. Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban). But the greater ongoing consternation to investors is to what extent the Feds will meddle.

Any legislative hearings or anything bordering on new regulation is going to draw tremendous media attention around Cryptocurrency. In January alone, there were nearly 5000 articles written about Cryptocurrency and government regulation. The chart below illustrates the swift increase in articles on cryptocurrency regulation.


Two of the top stories were about the US government cracking down on crypto corruption, and South Korea banning anonymous cryptocurrency bank accounts.

Security / Hacking / Destabilization Scares

The nature of a “digital currency” is a juicy story for any security-related author, and all new incidents and attacks are going to draw a lot of media coverage. This prediction is highlighted by one of the biggest crypto stories of 2018 so far: Coincheck’s $530 Million Cryptocurrency Heist May be the biggest in history.

From a media standpoint, hacks and heists actually bode well for security-related companies working in the space. Any progress made in securing blockchain and cryptocurrencies draw plenty of news coverage.

Blockchain Meets ‘X’ Industries and Technologies

We referenced this prediction earlier, but it’s worth taking a second look. 2018 will be the year we start to see blockchain make a tangible impact on business. Healthcare, finance, and law are all industries poised for disruption by blockchain. We’ll also see other technologies enhanced by blockchain, including cloud computing and IoT.

In particular, we expect to see “blockchain-as-a-service” and “enterprise blockchain” rise in popularity this year. Microsoft, big banks, and several startups are bringing these services to life and forward-thinking enterprises are already adopting it. Blockchain is entering the golden hour of media coverage where adoption ramps up but the glimmer of newness still remains.


Top 16 Authors in Crypto Right Now

As a marketing or PR professional, building media relationships is one of the most important aspects of your job. That’s why we developed the following list of 16 trending authors in the cryptocurrency space right now.

This list is based on the number of cryptocurrency articles written in the last quarter. While quantity isn’t the only important metric, it’s a good way to determine a person’s domain interest and influence (to a degree). For each author, we also include the outlets they write for and 3 recent articles. This information should help you further evaluate which writers you should get to know.

Let’s look at the top Cryptocurrency authors from last quarter to see what they’ve been writing about. For a list of over 3,000 cryptocurrency authors, be sure to check out the TechNews PR platform and sign up for a free trialsign up for a free trial.

1. Jean-Pierre Buntinx- @jdebunt

The Merkle, Live Bitcoin News, Fintechist

Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 653

Recent Articles

2. Rakesh Sharma- @rakeshnews


Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 139

Recent Articles

3. JD Alois

Crowdfund Insider

Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 126

Recent Articles

4. Nikhilesh De- @nikhileshde


Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 92

Recent Articles

5. Sujha Sundararajan-


Numnber of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 91

Recent Articles

6. Stan Higgins


Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 88

Recent Articles

7. Leigh Cuen- @La_Cuen

CoinDesk, The International Business Times

Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter:79

Recent Articles

8. Simon Cocking- @SimonCocking

Irish Tech News

Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 77

Recent Articles

9. Darrel S. Rivers


Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 72

Recent Articles

10. Jeremy Nation- @ETH_Nation


Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 68

Recent Articles

11. Omkar Godbole- @godbole17


Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 68

Recent Articles

12. Duncan Riley- @duncanriley

Silicon Angle

Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 66

Recent Articles

13. Nathan Reiff


Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 64

Recent Articles

14. Camilla Teston


Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 57

Recent Articles

15. Mike Brown- @mikearildbrown


Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 55

Recent Articles

16. Rebecca Campbell

Live Bitcoin News

Number of Cryptocurrency Articles last quarter: 52

Recent Articles

Top Cryptocurrency News Outlets Right Now

Another good strategy for building media relationships is to target specific media outlets that cover your niche. Below are the top 23 cryptocurrency news outlets based on the number of articles written last quarter. Again, this metric isn’t perfect, but it’s a good place to start.

1. CoinDesk

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 515

Recent Articles

2. The Merkle

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 494

Recent Articles

3. Investopedia

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 268

Recent Articles


Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 212

Recent Articles

5. Live Bitcoin News

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 177

Recent Articles

6. Crowdfund Insider

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 174

Recent Articles

7. Fortune

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 171

Recent Articles


Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 168

Recent Articles

9. News4C

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 130

Recent Articles

10. IBTimes

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 129

Recent Articles

11. Business Insider

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 126

Recent Articles

12. Bloomberg

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 124

Recent Articles

13. Forbes

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 122

Recent Articles

14. The Next Web

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 111

Recent Articles

15. Silicon Angle

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 93

Recent Articles

16. Irish Tech News

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 92

Recent Articles

17. Mashable

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 89

Recent Articles

18. The International Business Times

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 89

Recent Articles

19. Value Walk

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 80

Recent Articles

20. Slashdot

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 76

Recent Articles

21. MarketWatch

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 75

Recent Articles

22. Digital Journal

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 69

Recent Articles

23. ETHNews

Cryptocurrency Articles Written This Quarter: 68

Recent Articles

Navigating the Cryptocurrency Media Space

Cryptocurrency is a uniquely volatile space for both business and media. This is no surprise; combine two of the most speculative industries (finance and tech) and you’re bound to have have hysteria.

As a marketing or PR professional, your job is to see through the hype and identify the trends that have lasting power. After all, your company or client isn’t just trying to win the next media cycle; they want to win a permanent piece of a massively disruptive industry.

The trends and predictions in this report are designed to help you craft better, more newsworthy stories in the cryptocurrency space. Unfortunately, these trends are subject to huge changes that we simply can’t reflect in a static report.

To stay on top of the latest media trends day-to-day, try the TechNews PR Platform. It’s the only PR tool designed specifically for tech. All the insights in this article were pulled directly from the platform, which means you can do the same and more for your company or client.

Trying out TechNews is totally risk free. Just sign up for a free trial and see for yourself the difference that insight can make.

TechNews%20Free%20Trial%20CTA 1%20%281%29

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